Our Story

Unlike the high-luxury, nobility, and timelessness of traditional jewelry, we advocate new modern women to focus on their self-discovery, self-love, and always find things to comfort themselves. By offering storytelling everyday pieces to our jewelry lovers, styles can be charming yet minimal. Fancime Jewelry is committed to designing and crafting affordable luxury jewelry with all kinds of inspirations for this diversified world. 

All our jewelry pieces are made of precious materials, including solid gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and colored gemstones. Designed by our in-house jewelry designers from diverse backgrounds and handcrafted by our experienced jewelers.


Fancime Jewelry, founded in New York in 2017

Jewelry is the expression of your inner self

 Charming yet minimalist look, Fanci your own styles.


Our Designs

Creativity & Possibility
    Inspired by our own nature and different living lifestyles in all diversified cultures, our designs capture elements and symbols from all aspects and craft them into everyday essentials jewelry pieces with our artisanship to meet the most-loved minimalist styles.
    Every jewelry piece is designed to be layered or stacked for your own style and they can also be worn individually as your everyday essential jewelry. Fancime Jewelry is dedicated to empowering self-esteem and self-expression.
    Storytelling Themes
      Each collection comes with an inspirational theme that distinguishes Fancime Jewelry from other jewelers. Your everyday gold jewelry collection can also have charming and unique elements like dragonflies, butterflies, and honey bees from the botanical garden; shooting stars, infinity symbols, unicorn and starburst from fairy tales; and simple dot, heart, and bar studs as must-have jewelry basics.



      Fancime Jewelry works closely with experienced jewelers and hand-pick the highest quality stones only. We keep a high standard when it comes to sourcing. Each stone needs to pass the finest cutting and polishing grade to be chosen. So every Fancime Jewelry jewelry is so-called refined delicate jewelry. We source materials from Asia to Africa to the USA. To keep our sustainability promise, all materials are ethical and conflict-free.

      Thanks to the new technology, Fancime Jewelry also offers 3D printing jewelry selections. Please discover them via our collection page.

      Fair Pricing

      Stylish yet affordable. Fancime Jewelry sells jewelry directly from our workshops to our customers thus we are able to cut traditional premium markups. Affordable prices are offered for the same fine jewelry you can find in the market. We insist on benefiting our customers and offering an affordable way to add a little unique bling to your everyday outfits.